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Chloe Heffernan (FOA POL) c.heffernan at auckland.ac.nz
Thu Aug 12 18:38:18 PDT 2004

I agree with what Kim said - you really feel unsure about how much of the
act is put on and how much is honestly John Banks the man.

I also got the impression that he didn't know what to make of us: naive
youngsters, earnest objective journalists, Fletcher lackies, malluable media
wannabies...so his style chopped and changed a lot over the interview.

I think  he often puts across a coherent, right wing view point, which I
don't agree with (as I don't agree with his assumptions) but I think is
valid on its own terms.

At other times I think his arguments are riddled with internal
contradictions - as is typical of populism. Here I think we can show him
hanging himself.

Rather than demonise his politics or the man (who is a charmer if ever there
was one) - which is easy if you don't hold his assumptions about the world,
I think we should investigate why his style of politics are so successful -
favourable media, populist language, his consituency vote, the left
splitting its vote, the electoral system, his financial backing, his
professional campaign

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Well, after yesterday's interview with him I'm left scratching my head
at the enigma that IS John Banks - he is bombastic but also sickeningly
positive -- his confidence and positivity leaves you stunned and makes
him momentarily likeable -- you got to admire someone like that in a
strange sort of way. He's a shocker - but a fascinating character. He
speaks in soundbites, is repetitive, evasive sometimes, and plays on
this "I'm just an uneducated man" image and loves to be simplistic. It
seemed genuine, and that's the scary thing. I wish I knew how much was
an act! This mayoral "race" is making for great drama and humour though.
I don't know if I want ANY of them to be mayor. 

I say, watch the interview we did with him. I only wish our doco was
more than 25 mins. to include ALL the fascinating stuff people have been
saying on camera. I haven't read those NZ Music postings yet but I can
say that perhaps none of those people have met the guy or sat down with
him, so they might be even more qualified to say all that stuff they are
if they actually did so. I'm not interested in painting him, or anyone
in the doco all black. And if we did that, would we have to also be
hard-hitting on the other candidates, which we weren't. We asked John
harder and more critical questions than we did Chris for instance. It
was an intimidating and enjoyable interview on both sides of the camp I
think. What I find fascinating is that life isn't black and white and as
Tomachi's music from our last News media doco says "so many shades of
gray" and I hope that shows through in the doco. I'm not keen to send
any one up, but of course, if they hang themselves, that's another

Chloe, your take on it all? 

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Hey all, 
Thought some might be interested in this.  I'm not into some of the
hard-core language, physical attribute assasinations, and 'venting'
posts, but there's interesting detail amongst the blather.  Everyone has
anecdotes about JB it seems. It would be very easy for the documentary
to paint JB black - does the doco want to opt for dark grey, or
striations of grey. Something to think about for the meeting. Cheers, G


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