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Geraldene Peters bern at ihug.co.nz
Thu Aug 12 18:25:41 PDT 2004

That is sounding very good - can't wait to see the interview!

Also, bear in mind the possibility of making a two-parter - if there's
enough 'through line' to make it all hang together.  I think there will be
the market for it, and 25 minute chunks are good for teaching purposes.

on 8/13/04 1:26 PM, Kim Mazur at greenmps.auckland at greens.org.nz wrote:

> Well, after yesterday's interview with him I'm left scratching my head
> at the enigma that IS John Banks - he is bombastic but also sickeningly
> positive -- his confidence and positivity leaves you stunned and makes
> him momentarily likeable -- you got to admire someone like that in a
> strange sort of way. He's a shocker - but a fascinating character. He
> speaks in soundbites, is repetitive, evasive sometimes, and plays on
> this "I'm just an uneducated man" image and loves to be simplistic. It
> seemed genuine, and that's the scary thing. I wish I knew how much was
> an act! This mayoral "race" is making for great drama and humour though.
> I don't know if I want ANY of them to be mayor.
> I say, watch the interview we did with him. I only wish our doco was
> more than 25 mins. to include ALL the fascinating stuff people have been
> saying on camera. I haven't read those NZ Music postings yet but I can
> say that perhaps none of those people have met the guy or sat down with
> him, so they might be even more qualified to say all that stuff they are
> if they actually did so. I'm not interested in painting him, or anyone
> in the doco all black. And if we did that, would we have to also be
> hard-hitting on the other candidates, which we weren't. We asked John
> harder and more critical questions than we did Chris for instance. It
> was an intimidating and enjoyable interview on both sides of the camp I
> think. What I find fascinating is that life isn't black and white and as
> Tomachi's music from our last News media doco says "so many shades of
> gray" and I hope that shows through in the doco. I'm not keen to send
> any one up, but of course, if they hang themselves, that's another
> thing...
> Chloe, your take on it all?
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> Hey all, 
> Thought some might be interested in this.  I'm not into some of the
> hard-core language, physical attribute assasinations, and 'venting'
> posts, but there's interesting detail amongst the blather.  Everyone has
> anecdotes about JB it seems. It would be very easy for the documentary
> to paint JB black - does the doco want to opt for dark grey, or
> striations of grey. Something to think about for the meeting. Cheers, G
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