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Geraldene Peters bern at ihug.co.nz
Sat Jul 31 01:00:31 PDT 2004

>    PEOPLE POWER LAUNCHED AT LAST IN  AUCKLAND  Yesterday New Zealand  turned
> an important historical corner as we launched our new  book People  Power.
> Almost 200 people attended. Some even came  from as far away as Invercargill,
> Napier & Whangarei to be  there.It was very humbling for me personally to see
> so many  people their supporting real democracy for New Zealand, and I  thank
> all of you who came. It never seems enough to just say  thanks but I really do
> thank you for your support. Winston  Peters, Christine Fletcher, Mike McAnemy
> from the Fire  Fighters Association, David Holden from The Charter of Natural
> Health Practitioners, Garth McVicar from Sensible Sentencing  and I all spoke.
> My co-editor Jonathan Eisen hosted the  meeting. Unfortunately David Lange and
> Roger Kerr were unable  to attend. The culmination of the event came when the
> 20,209  signatures we collected over the past many months were  presented to
> Winston to take to Wellington to tell the rest of  Parliament that we have all
> had a guts full of being  ignored.
> And that we're a force to be reckoned  with and we're not going to settle for
> anything less than real  democracy.
> If there was a downside to the launch it was  the complete absence of the
> national media, all of whom had  been invited. The Auckland Central Leader was
> the only media present. It renewed our sense of  wonder at the priorities of
> our media. When someone burns a  flag on or drives a tractor up the steps the
> steps of  Parliament Building or strips down to a pink bra, they are  engulfed
> in media attention and talkback shows run hot with  callers.
> When Winston Peters forgets to pay a  taxi he's on the news for nearly a week.
> But when he launches  a book on Binding Citizens Initiated Referendums with
> articles  by David Lange, Roger Kerr and the editor of The Economist  (among
> many others), he is completely ignored.
> Anyhow, now that we're off and running in a new and  significant way we're not
> stopping now. They can ignore us  now, but not for long.
> Best wishes 
> Steve Baron 
> www.votersvoice.org.nz
> Phone 09  537-3935
> P.S.  On 23rd August 12:30pm a  religious rally will be held at Parliament
> Buildings In  Wellington, organised by a number of Churches demanding better
> moral values. It would be wonderful to see a few BCIR banners  in the crowd as
> I'm sure it will get some media attention. So  if you are able to take
> advantage of this opportunity and you  live in Wellington it all helps the
> cause. I have seen some  people doing likewise on other marches that the media
> has  covered. I don't know who they were but it was great to  see!
> COURT  PRESS, PO BOX 44-128, AK. BOOKS ARE $15.00 (prepaid including  p/h) or

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