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Hi y'all,
Can anyone help Elicia with her request? Her contact details are below.

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> Date: July 5, 2004 8:59:42 PM GMT+12:00
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> Subject: Ahmed Zaoui event
> I'm hoping you can help me.  I am a fourth year law and politics 
> student at
> Auckland University.  I have been referred to you by Adam White from 
> the FTVMS
> ddepartment.
> I'm helping to organise an event taking place on
> 1 August to mark the one year that Mr Zaoui has been a refugee in New
> Zealand.  This event is to promote human rights awareness in general 
> and
> to support justice for Zaoui.  It will begin at Cityside Church at 
> approx.
> 3pm and will feature guest speakers, candle lighting, pledging support 
> for
> human rights etc.  There will then be a procession to Mr Zaoui's 
> prison.
> There will also be performances by vaious cultural groups, and a 
> gifting of a
> greenstone to Mr Zaoui.
> I wish to screen a short video at the event (approx 2 minutes).  It 
> will
> feature images such as Mr Zaoui playing with his children, Mr Zaoui in 
> court
> appearances etc.  These images will be taken from 3 videos tapes.
> Do you have access to labour and equipment that can "cut and paste" 
> segments
> from existing videotapes onto a separate video tape?  I also need to 
> make
> copies of videotapes.  Sorry for the clumsy wording.
> Please let me know what you think.  Many thanks.
> Cheers,
> Elicia
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