[IMC-Audio] CKUT radio: Sumoud Tour 2005

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Tue Aug 23 20:56:32 PDT 2005

CKUT radio: Sumoud Tour 2005
Free Palestinian Political Prisoners!

To download or listen to speeches from this event, visit:

These speeches were recorded at the Montreal stop of the Sumoud Free
Palestinian Political Prisoners tour. The event was held on April 20th,
2005 at McGill university.

Sumoud (steadfastness in Arabic), is a political prisoner solidarity group
established by a group of activists in Toronto, Canada. They campaign
primarily around Palestinian political prisoners being held by Israel, of
which there are approximately 8000 currently behind bars. They also take
up the imprisonment of indigenous, immigrant and racialized people in
North America, as well as the role of the prison industrial complex in
criminalizing poverty and political resistance. Central in their approach
is an understanding of the illegitimacy of the prison as an institution in
itself and the need for its abolition.

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Produced for the CKUT (90.3FM) community news collective in Montreal by
Aaron Lakoff

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