[IMC-Audio] BTL Summary 3-18-05: Israeli Expansionism in West Bank; International Tobacco Control Treaty; CT Civil Union Bill

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THE WEEK ENDING March 18, 2005

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1) Peace Process Bound to Fail
if Israel Expands West Bank Settlements

Interview with Dr. Jeff Halper,
coordinating director of the
Israeli Committee Against House Demolitions,
conducted by Scott Harris

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2) Bush Administration May Reject
Ratification of International Tobacco Control Treaty

Interview with Derek Yach,
one of the principle drafters of the International Framework
Convention on Tobacco Control,
conducted by Melinda Tuhus

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3) Connecticut Set to Become
2nd State to Pass
Same-Sex Civil Union Bill

Interview with Ann Stanback,
president of the group Love Makes a Family,
conducted by Scott Harris

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4) This week's summary
of under-reported news

Compiled by Bob Nixon

- Major international non-governmental organizations like Oxfam and 
Amnesty International are now dealing with top corporate leaders on
issues like
fair trade and human rights. 
- After President Bush proposed dramatic cuts in social programs,
progressive groups foresee the most intense budget fight since 1995,
when Newt
Gingrich and the House of Representatives shut down the federal government.
- The EPA is set to release new mercury emission regulations that are
expected to allow polluters to trade rights to release the toxic agent.

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