[IMC-Audio] CKUT Radio: "Being Osama" - A Documentary Film on Racism in Canada

Stefan Christoff christoff at resist.ca
Tue Sep 13 14:55:22 PDT 2005

CKUT Radio: "Being Osama" - A Documentary Film on Racism in Canada

Listen to an interview with Lebanese documentary filmmaker Mahmoud Kaabour, on 
his film "Being Osama". The documentary was filmed after the events of 
September 11th, 2001 in New York City and provides a window into the lives of 
six Montrealers named Osama, in the wake of the institutional and social 
backlash against Arabs and Muslims following 9/11.

This interview was recorded in Beirut Lebanon, where today Mahmoud lives after 
being refused immigration status by Citizenship and Immigration Canada, after 
the release of "Being Osama" and the national attention which the film 
garnered. In the interview Mahmoud reflects from Lebanon on being forced from 
Montreal and speaks on institutional racism in Canada, which his film "Being 
Osama" addressed.

To listen to the interview with Mahmoud Kaabour visit:

For more information on the film "Being Osama" visit:

[This interview was recorded and produced in Beirut Lebanon by Stefan Christoff 
for CKUT Radio in Montreal, who is currently in Lebanon working as a media 
activist, producing written, audio, and visual reports on present-day struggles 
for social justice in Lebanon. To contact Stefan email, christoff(at)resist.ca]


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