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Saturday, June 9th, will mark 40 years of Israel’s military occupation
of the Palestinian West Bank, Gaza Strip and the Syrian Golan heights.

As commemorative events are being coordinated worldwide, tune into CKUT
90.3fm for special programming. We will amplify the voices of those who
experienced the Naksa of 1967, plus offer views on the political and
social relevance of the 1967 War on the region today. We will also speak
with the coordinator of refugee support for Palestinian Families being
displaced from the Occupation in Iraq. All this plus updates on local
activities and more.

... Wednesday (14h00-15h00) - Caravan

Join CKUTs Samaa Elibyari, on June 6th, for a special commemoration on 
the 40th Anniversary of the 1967 War. We'll hear from Mr. Nader 
Abuljebain, Al-awda member and author of Palestinian History in Postage 
Stamps. He is an Arab American activist born in Kuwait of Palestinian 
origin. He immigrated to the US in 1990. He will speak about this 
anniversary from a diaspora perspective. Prof. John Quigley will also 
speak on the international right of refugees. He is a Professor of 
International Law (Ohio State University) and author of the book - The 
Case for Palestine: An International Law Perspective

... Thursday (11h00 - 12h00) - Under the Olive Tree

CKUTs Under the Olive Tree Collective will feature a one-hour special on
Thursday, June 7th between 11am and Noon. UOT will bring together the
Electronic Intifada and The Angry Arab for a special analysis of this
40th anniversary – its reflection and relevance.

Ali Abunimah, Electronic Intifada co-founder, is the son of Palestinians
who fled the country in 1948. He will be joined by Lebanese commentator
Professor Assad AbuKhalil, author of the Angry Arab Blog, to discuss
this anniversary as well as the relevance of the 1967 political
situation to what we find 40 years later. This special will also feature
the voices of the Amr family's experience in 1967.

... Friday (17h00-18h00) - Off the Hour

On June 8th, CKUTs Community News program, Off the Hour, will feature 
voices of the Montreal Palestinian diaspora on their experiences in 
1967, plus Janet Weinroth who will offer an anti-zionist Jewish 
perspective on the 1967 War and it's political reflection on today's 
Israel. We will also feature a special interview concerning Palestinian 
Refugees from Iraq – we'll hear from Rana Abdulla coordinator for 
refugee support for Palestinian families displaced from Iraq.

... Lundi (17h00-18h00) – En Profondeur

Off the Hour's French edition, En Profondeur, will air a report-back
from Saturday's Montreal Mobilization commemorating the 40th anniversary.

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