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"Bullying, hate crimes, killing and genocide have as their foundation
contempt for another human being.  Once I put you outside my circle of
moral concern, then I can do anything to you."  (Barabara Coloroso, 
Author of Extraordinary Evil: A Brief History of Genocide)

"If you push a group out of existence, you define it, you target, you
effect a policy that causes the group not to exist, even if all the
individual members survive - it's genocide.  You don't have to kill a 
soul." (Ward Churchill, Author of A Little Matter of Genocide)

:: A Little Matter of Genocide - 3-part Radio Documentary produced by
CKUT's Off the Hour ::

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Episode 1 (56:26)
Episode 2 (56:17)
Episode 3 (57:11)

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Within this special documentary, CKUT Radio explores a critical issue of
our times: A little matter of genocide.  You've seen the coverage of
Darfur, calling for you and everyone's army to intervene in the conflict
now. But what of the similarities between Darfur and conflict in Iraq?
Can we even compare these two conflicts? Does the way in which the
mainstream media covers a particular conflict impact the way in which it
is perceived?

The voices of academics, authors, and survivors have been collected to
reflect on these questions (and more) within the following three chapters:

Episode 1 - Genocide: What's in a Name?
Part One:
Part Two:

Episode 2 - Untold Stories: The North American Holocaust & Genocide in
Part One:
Part Two:

Episode 3 - Talks on Genocide: The Will to Act
Part One:
Part Two:

Featured Speakers:
Barbara Coloroso author of Extraordinary Evil: A Brief History of
Genocide and Why It Matters;
Dr. Frank Chalk Co-Director, Montreal Institute for Genocide Studies at
Concordia University;
Ward Churchill author of A Little Matter of Genocide: Holocaust and
Denial in the Americas, 1492 to the Present;
Isabel Macdonald, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting Communications
Professor Khalid Medani, McGill's Islamic Studies Department;
Gwen Shulman, Producer with CKUT's Amandla;
Kahentinetha Horn, Concordia University & Mohawk Nation News;
Rezeq Faraj, author of Palestine: le refus de disparaître;
Lisa Ndejuru, Member of Montreal Rwandan Community;
Jan Pronk, former Special Representative of the UN Secretary General to
Michael Ignatieff, Deputy Leader of the Liberal Party of Canada;
and Marc Clement, former Canadian Soldier.

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