[IMC-Audio] today! CKUT radio: Cultural Crossroads III

Stefan Christoff christoff at resist.ca
Mon Jan 4 07:27:14 PST 2010

* CKUT radio: Cultural Crossroads III

CKUT radio's 'world skip the beat' presents a special program
featuring interviews with Samian, Algonquin hip-hop artist and Cuban
hip-hop ensemble Obsesión

Monday January 4th 12h00 - 14h00
live broadcast on CKUT Radio, 90.3fm
tune-in globally via live stream at www.ckut.ca


Tune-in to CKUT radio for 'world skip the beat', the third edition of Cultural 
Crossroads, hosted by journalist Stefan Christoff, featuring interviews with 
leading global music artists from Montreal.

CKUTs radio's weekly global music program, 'world skip the beat', airs each 
Monday featuring musical sounds from around the world.

A special edition, Cultural Crossroads III, will highlight unique music while 
featuring extended interviews with Algonquin hip-hop artist Samian and Cuban 
hip-hop ensemble Obsesión.

* Samian is an Algonquin hip-hop artist based in Montreal, the first to rap in 
both French and Algonquin. Born in the community of Pikogan in Abitibi 
Temiscamingue, Samian (Samuel Tremblay) recounts the tales of the youth in his 
community and the plight and struggles of First Nations. Samian's music has 
struck a cord in Quebec society and within the hip-hop community and beyond 
through collaborations with the celebrated Quebec hip-hop ensemble Loco Locass.


* Obsesión is an internationally celebrated Cuban hip-hop ensemble who recently 
visited Montreal for a series of community concerts hosted by Nomadic Massive.

Obsesión is a group that celebrates their Afro-Cuban identity, the Havana-based 
rappers are both supportive and critical of the revolutionary Cuban government, 
and mix contemporary hip-hop with traditional Cuban musical traditions. 
Obsesión tackles key issues facing Cuban society today using Spanish lyrics. 
During Obsesión's last visit to Montreal, Stefan Christoff spoke with 
Obsesión's Magia Lopez and Alexey Rodriguez with translation assistance from 
Nomadic Massive's Lou Piensa.



* CKUT radio is a celebrated community radio station in Montreal with a long 
history of links to cutting edge independent culture and grassroots political 
movements for social justice. http://www.ckut.ca

* Stefan Christoff is a journalist and community organized based in Montreal, 
and longtime volunteer at CKUT radio since 2000 http://www.twitter.com/spirodon


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