[imc-baghdad] update from Baghdad - 4 June

Mike.Holderness Mike at Holderness.eu.com
Thu Jun 5 12:53:22 PDT 2003

At 05:32 04/06/03 -0700, Ramzi wrote:

>but was unable to email the Corel Draw document with
>the actual paper. It's over 9megs 

Would that be Ventura Publisher by any chance? 

Gosh, I have that (version 8) so I can do 
conversions if you're stuck. 

In response to a message last week (sorry, busy
week, friend and photojournalist colleague had 
bit if leg blown off in Geneva of all places):

I think the appropriate-technology solution to 
the PDF problem is this:

1) Install a PostScript printer on your computer. 
   I find "Xerox PostScript 45nn Level 2" works

2) Print the paper to that. Say it's "Issue2.ps"
   Since you don't actually have one of those,
   it'll offer to print it to a file. (In some 
   programs or when installing some printer 
   drivers you may have to to explicitly ask
   to print to file. I forget how I did it.

Then either: 

3) Get GhostScript and GhostView from 

3.1) Open "Issue2.ps" in GhostView

3.2) Under File select Convert 

3.3) Under Device select PDF write

3.4) Under Resolution... pick one. 600, say.

3.5) OK and give it a file-name ("Issue2.pdf") and 
     a minute or three later, you're done. Without 
     paying lots of money to Adobe.

     It would be more robust to do the above a page
     at a time to separate files.   

4.1) Put the resulting "Issue2.ps" file somewhere
   where someone like me who already has 
   GhostScript can get at it. 

4.2) Also, the fonts you used. BOTH TrueType and 
   "Type 1" would be good. 


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