[Imc-be-communication] Re: [Imc-be] Re: the belgium thing

christophe callewaert christophe.callewaert at gmail.com
Wed Mar 30 02:54:03 PST 2005

Hey turlu,

I just discovered the report of that meeting.


"Ce week-end, lors du Quilombo à Gand, il y a eu une rencontre
semi-(in)formelle d'indymediactivistes de différents collectifs (liège,
ovl, wvl, antwerpen, bxl). Semi-(in)formelle parce qu'elle avait été
proposée par email mais pas confirmée par la suite."

So the report says: "it was an semi-(in)formal meeting because the
meeting was proposed but not confirmed.

Furthermore, on that meeting the local collectives decided to go on with the url www.mediactivism.be
Maybe you should ask yourself why this site is still in a testphase.

In solidarity,


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