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Worldwide Protests Against Migration Controls

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Body: October 7, 2006 saw many decentralised, coordinated migration-related actions and events
across the world. From Warsaw to London, from Hamburg to Nouakchott, thousands of migrants
and their supporters protested against the denial of their rights, against the
criminalisation and scapegoating of refugees and, above all, against all immigration
controls. They were demanding a European unconditional legalisation and equal rights for
all migrants; the closure of all detention centres in Europe and everywhere and an end to all
deportations and the 'externalisation' of borders.

Hi translating people!

Here is the link to the feature with reports of the transnationational day against migration
control: www.indymedia.org/en/2006/10/848061.shtml

It's a collection of protests around Europe and Africa. Would be nice if it will be translated
to several languages. You can find the article and updates as comments. Some of the parts of the
articles were written in other languages and translated to english. If this happened, you
find as well the links to the source articles (with language).

A list of planned actions (with links to further information in several languages) is part of
the first feature on the actionday: Oct 7: Transnational Day of Action Against Migration

If you have done a translation, please publish it as translation on www.indymedia.org.




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