[Imc-be] tech update for syndication site

Pseudo Punk bart at indymedia.org
Sun Jul 25 06:40:35 PDT 2004


There's a new version of wirefetch out (the program that does most of the
work for the syndication site).

There are some new things:

a) Image support.
    - We can now handle images on the features. images are fetched and
      resized on the fly (compressed as well if they're too big).

    - if you want pictures for your site, make sure the url to the picture
      of the feature is in <dcterms:hasPart> in your rdf file (see also on
      the wirefetch documentation (sf-active has it in the current cvs
version (> 0.9.2). i patched the install on ahimsa to work with it too.

Are there any other tech issues for the site ?


mtop looks like the revolution!

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