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didn't we already do this? - a synopsis was sent to the Docudays festival that was printed in the docudays booklet - why don't we just send that?
ps still waiting to hear on the computers - but the un is closing for a week, so i won't hear for a while

moshub at riseup.net wrote:
i'm still in the beginning of it.. if you have any comments/suggestions
please send them to me
i will add more information about the film, where it was screened, article
about it,...


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Sean McBride wrote:
> Hi mohammed,
> Thanks for all the information! Having no web page is not a problem,
> but if there was one I would have mentioned it.
> I will put 2 versions on the internet
> - one small file, 330 MB, so people can download it easily
> - one big file, about 2 GB, which is an exact copy of the DVD, so
> people can make DVDs easily
> In my experience, it is very important that the file name is descriptive
> (but not too long), because this will be how people find & decide to
> download. I propose:
> Leaded Unleaded - indymedia documentary on Lebanon, Arabic, English
> subs, 2004, copyleft, DivX.avi
> Leaded Unleaded - indymedia documentary on Lebanon, Arabic, English
> subs, 2004, copyleft, PAL DVD
> Does that seem OK?
> Having the English synopsis would be *very* good, if one of you have it...
> When you finish the second version, please let me know,
> Thanks,
> Sean
> moshub at riseup.net (moshub at riseup.net) on 2005-10-16 20:22 said:
>>hey sean, thanks for the great favor
>>as rawan said bellow, the film was made in 2004, and it was licensed
>> under
>>GPL [GNU privacy license] which is wrong, since GPL is only for software
>>but it's preferred to mention that it's generally a copyleft material [
>> 1.
>>use it without limitation - 2. (re-)distribute it in as many copies as
>>desired] -- may be a creative commons license will be good also
>>we still have no website, it's easy to get a page, however I'll contact
>>the indymedia technical people to get a domain name, something like
>>http://leaded-unleaded.org, or http://beirut.indymedia.org/L_UL
>>did you check this, the indymedia video distribution network
>>we had plans to re-publish second version of the film with better
>>translation, fixing the licensing issue, and with a proper distribution
>>channels, which i think bittorrent can fix it, and of course a web site.
>>i'll work on these issues as much i can and i will keep you in touch!
>>rawane at riseup.net wrote:
>>> hello, i had this email from a guy i met in montreal while showing
>>> leaded
>>> unleaded and he said that he knew how to put the movie on the net, so i
>>> proposed if he can try...
>>> so this is his email..
>>> for his questions, the year is 2004, copyleft, the web page can be the
>>> indemydia page plus a link and does someone have the english synopsis
>>> that
>>> we wrote?
>>> for any comments please reply, i will reply to sean when i will have an
>>> ok
>>> but please if some tech person like mohamad :) can have a look at the
>>> link
>>> below..
>>> kisses all
>>> ---------------------------- Original Message
>>> ----------------------------
>>> Subject: Leaded Unleaded
>>> From: "Sean McBride" 
>>> Date: Sat, October 15, 2005 9:56 am
>>> To: "rawane" 
>>> --------------------------------------------------------------------------
>>> Hi Rawane!
>>> I hope you remember me, we met in Montreal a few months ago at the
>>> screening of your documentary Leaded/Unleaded, I gave you a ride to the
>>> metro on my bike.
>>> Well, believe it or not, I have been working over the months on getting
>>> your film onto the internet. It has been harder than I thought! I
>>> borrowed the DVD from Mary Foster and made a copy easily, but
>>> converting
>>> it to a smaller format was problematic. For some reason every program
>>> I
>>> tried worked but resulted in a file with no sound! I finally found a
>>> better program the other day, and it worked great.
>>> The next problem was putting it on the internet. I don't know if you
>>> are familiar with Bittorrent, but that is the technology that will work
>>> best for our needs. However, it needs a special service known as a
>>> 'tracker', and I had lots of trouble finding one. But the other day,
>>> it
>>> occurred to me that indymedia _should_ have a tracker, and so I
>>> checked,
>>> and they do!
>>> So now everything is finally ready!!! But I wanted to talk to you
>>> before proceeding.
>>> First some info:
>>> Here is some info on the bittorrent technology:
>>> This is the indymedia bittorrent tracker:
>>> So, before I proceed, do you still want to do this?
>>> Assuming so, a few bits of info would be good:
>>> - the year of release of the film
>>> - is there a Leaded/Unleaded webpage?
>>> - what is the licence? copyleft? public domain?
>>> - do you have an 'official' description of a film? Like a 1 sentence
>>> summary/description.
>>> Talk to you soon,
>>> Sean
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