[Imc-beirut] what to do now

Petros Evdokas petros at cyprus-org.net
Tue Jan 9 13:47:19 PST 2007

blue.pi wrote:

> If no one objects I will send an email tomorrow to imc process about Imc 
> Beirut being in "sleeping mode“ I guess we can call it that, no? 


Please do not send an official note from the Beirut-imc group yet to say 
to the rest of the network that the group is folding.

If a combination of new/old volunteers is assembled to continue the work 
now, or in the near future, with the blessing of the current group, then 
there will be a good sense of continuity and there's no need to involve 
the wider network.

If you send an official note now saying that the group is folding, then 
any new group of volunteers will have to go through the new-imc work 
group to get approved - things there are not very functional in this 
period (there is a lack of volunteers, and only a tenth of the activity 
of previous months in the new-imc work group), and Lebanon's needs will 
not be serviced easily.

Also, imc-process (our "unofficial/ official" decision making body) has 
hardly been functioning and my understanding is there is a strong 
tendency among the admininstrators and some of our liaisons there to 
misunderstand what is being said (there are also various power-blocks 
involved in competitions which are locked into that arena).

I'm in favour of delaying the announcement, and discussing among us 
various options for refreshing and rejuveting the group and website.

Please give consideration to this proposal, at least please let's 
discuss it a little.


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