[Imc-beirut] Global imc editorial group on Palestine: the Shame and Sorrow

Petros Evdokas petros at cyprus-org.net
Sun Jan 11 10:30:00 PST 2009

Global imc editorial group on Palestine: the Shame and Sorrow


I woke up today still unbelieving that our colleagues have actually
banned and BLOCKED two consecutive Feature articles written and
submitted by the Cyprus IndyMedia Collective about the Israeli slaughter
of Palestine in Gaza.

At this point, indymedia is the only "radical" news and information
outlet in the whole world operating under such editorial policy.

Our ongoing reports about local, regional, and global resistance to the
invasion plus reports on the humanitarian disaster and ways in which
people can help; the military situation; Corporate media lies and
distortions; all are now BLOCKED from publication on the global website.

Is this our indymedia? Is this your indymedia?
Is this the way you want our global editorial group to operate?
Who will take political responsibility for this decision that now binds
(and shames) our entire network?

Please write to our editorial work group to let our colleagues know how
you feel about it. Write to:
www-features at lists.indymedia.org

Also, these are individual imc members who hold particular key positions
among us who should hear about it:
Amy L. Dalton <ald at riseup.net>
GarconDuMonde <gdm at fifthhorseman.net>

~ More details and background ~

These are the two articles that were BLOCKED from publication:
"Palestine War Enters Science-Fiction Realms"
and a few days later,
"Phosphorus Bombs, the Slaughter of Innocents and Corporate Media Crimes"

The current Block has been explained by citing "reader fatigue" -

Or by citing a need to change the publishing format (now, of all times!):

And by proposing to publish collectively written feature articles on "3
other subjects" - Amy Dalton:

~ Is there a Saboteur among us...? ~

Amy Dalton reported that a person unknown and untraceable entered the
global editorial tools, and violated not only our security but also our
democratic group procedures by publishing a truncated version of a
proposed feature article on Palestine just as the ground invasion of
Gaza was taking place:

When this was discovered, these were the correct steps to take:
o~ return the article to the editorial group for further dialogue so
that the proper group procedures could be followed in order to repair
its missing parts and publish it, if the editorial group agreed to do so
through its usual procedures,
o~ launch an investigation into the security breach to find out who had
done the improper publishing, and HOW. The violation of trust brought
about by that action poisoned all of us. And harmed the Palestinian
people immensely.

Instead of following the right procedures, Amy correctly stated that
"Transparency is vital, not optional" but went ahead and just
"unpublished" it. When asked about it, she BLOCKED consideration of the
article for publication. Without any discussion:

Is it a coincidence that all these happened just as the Israeli military
began a ground attack of Gaza? The article in question was being
prepared just as the ground invasion began, and it was to have a
subtitle saying
"Limited Ground Invasion of Gaza initiated;
Palestinian Militia report exchanging fire with Israeli soldiers,
claiming kills of the invading forces."

The timely publication of these news, along with our updates on the
propaganda wars that were a prelude to the invasion, was sabotaged by
the unknown person who entered the editorial publishing tools without
leaving an electronic signature and then by the BLOCK which silenced any
dialogue before democratic procedures could be applied on the proposed

Another summary of these events is here:
Global imc editorial group on Palestine: the Shame and Sorrow

~ IndyMedia in the Middle East ~

We are witnessing a pattern that places a constant strain of trust and
credibility, and a loss by attrition of entire indymedia groups and
outlets in the Middle East.

The same thing happened during the Summer 2006 Israeli invasion of
Lebanon. You can read the Archives of that period. Proposed feature
articles reporting on the Israeli atrocities and timely reports on the
military situation, resistance by the armed population defending their
homes and global protests kept being delayed, ignored, or published and
then purposefully "bumped downwards" by newly published articles that
were supposed to have been published much earlier. The strain was so
much that eventually we lost imc-Beirut.

Previous to that, Israel invaded and slaughtered the town of Jenin
during the second Intifada (Palestinian uprising); strained relations
between global imc and imc-Palestine led to the demise of imc-Palestine.

Both the above "incidents" were brought about by a combination of some
open, obvious actions and arguments with some devious, behind the scene
machinations by indymedia members who acted without being known or
accountable to anyone.

Currently, imc-Cyprus, the Middle East imc group from which the proposed
feature articles on Palestine originated, is experiencing a great and
similar strain in its relation to global indymedia. We feel that an
indymedia ban on news from Palestine now, at this moment of great pain
and while rivers of blood are running in our area of the world, while
our friends, lovers, comrades and neighbours are being butchered, is

This ban will bring a terrible shame to all of indymedia. And it has
already caused a great sorrow to many of members and supporters in the

Who among indymedia members can say that the blood of Palestinians is
not good enough for us to report on the war right now, as often as we
can and to the best of our ability? Isn't this part of our imc network's

We need your help.
Please voice your opinions to the global editorial group (www-features).

Please encourage the working group to adhere to democratic procedures
and to help us publish in a timely way accurate and dependable updates
about the war so that the global anti-war Movement can keep benefiting
from our work. And also to help spread awareness of the war crimes and
massacres, and of the ways in which people can help with the
humanitarian aid projects for the people of Palestine who are now
without food, water, electricity, medicines, fuel, phones, trapped in a
city with a collapsing sewer system and being bombed day and night,
burying mutilated and disemboweled children every day.

Don't you think that indymedia readers and allies should be hearing of
these events from us as often as we can publish them?

member of Cyprus IndyMedia Collective

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