[Imc-belgium-process] Mail from Turlututu to the belgian process-list

christophe callewaert christophe at indymedia.be
Tue Aug 10 13:10:18 PDT 2004

I am glad you finally accept the normal democratic process and let us
have our general meeting to discuss such an important matter. You will
receive an answer in September.

But I am a bit surprised that you keep on referring to a personal mail
from Han as if it is the position of the Belgian indymedia-collective. 
The only approved point of view of the Belgian indymedia-collective on
this matter is to be found in this mail. 



PS: I am also wondering who this "we" in your mail might be. I see no
trace of any discussion in your mailinglists so I guess you returned to
the old habit of the closed and secret mailinglists perfectly described
in a mail of Joel (joe.ttx) from indymedia-liege:
"concernant le site de syndication, j'avais proposé il y a peu dans 
une 'liste' informelle de personnes de différents imcs la pertinence 
d'une rencontre IRL afin d'avancer sur le site et de dénouer certains 

On Tue, 2004-08-10 at 12:05, indy wrote:
> From: turlututu <turlututu at indymedia.org>
> To: imc-belgium-process at lists.indymedia.org
> Subject: Re: Startdag Indymedia | Journée de lancement Indymedia
> Date: Tue, 10 Aug 2004 16:24:53 +0200
> [EN]
> Hello, first of all, we note that you have an interesting agenda :) and 
> we thank you for having taken into consideration the request of the 
> local collectives which wait an answer since 1 year.
> But we would like to be rassured according to the past agreements 
> (http://archives.lists.indymedia.org/imc-belgium-process/2003-September/001665.html) 
> that those points will be discussed as priority because 6 local 
> collectives Belgian and Imc-Process wait a clear answer from you in 
> septembre to begin any process.
> The questions are:
> - The problem about url: does indymedia.be approves the proposal to make 
> belgium.indymedia.org available for common use between all the Belgian 
> collectives through the syndication site ?
> - How indymedia.be considers its future participation: to stay as 
> currently or to become a local site?
> Thanks very much, we count on you.
> =====
> [FR]
> Salut, tout d'abord, nous notons que vous avez un agenda intéressant :) 
> et nous vous remercions d'avoir pris en considération la demande des 
> collectifs locaux qui attendent une réponse depuis 1 an.
> Nous aimerions toute fois nous assurer conformément aux accords passés 
> (http://archives.lists.indymedia.org/imc-belgium-process/2003-September/001665.html) 
> que ces sujets seront abordés en priorité car 6 collectifs locaux Belge 
> et Imc-Process attendent une réponse claire de votre part en septembre 
> pour entamer toute procédure.
> Les questions sont:
> - La problématique de l'url: est-ce qu'indymedia.be accepte la 
> proposition d'utiliser belgium.indymedia.org pour un usage commun entre 
> tous les collectives Belges à travers le site de syndication ?
> - Comment indymedia.be envisage sa future participation: rester tel quel 
> ou devenir un site local ?
> Merci beaucoup, nous comptons sur vous.
> Bye.
> turlututu
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