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Tue Feb 20 17:40:18 PST 2007

Nancy, can you make a slightly later time on Saturday?  Would 3pm work?

I've never done a TV show either.  We have access to at least 1 video camera
and some basic editing software.  Whether or not we do it as an IMC
collective or just a few people i think depends on what everyone decides.  I
am fine with either so long as we decide collectively.

Also, below is a draft announcement oscar and i worked on.  What do you all

 Announcing the formation of the Beltway Area Independent Media Center

*From www.indymedia.org:* *The Independent Media Center (IMC) is a network
of collectively run media outlets for the creation of radical, accurate, and
passionate tellings of the truth. We work out of a love and inspiration for
people who continue to work for a better world, despite corporate media's
distortions and unwillingness to cover the efforts to free humanity.*

* *

 *The Beltway Area IMC seeks to further the movement for independent media
within and around the Beltway region through the regular sharing of media
skills, open and participatory meetings, an open and anonymous publishing
newswire (website), and coverage of community events. We aim not only to
make silenced stories heard in our communities, but also will strive to
strengthen movements for social justice via participatory, grassroots media.
Beltway Area IMC is open to everyone regardless of skill level, access to
technology or experience with the media. We welcome everyone who wants to
learn, teach, and share. The collective is open to everyone except bigots
and members of law enforcement.*

 *Please join us Saturday February 24, from 2-4pm, at the Lamond Riggs
Library (5401 South Dakota Avenue, NE; South Dakota Avenue NE at Kennedy
Street, NE; just off the Fort Totten Metro Stop (red,green,yellow)) to be a
part of the Beltway Area Independent Media Center.*

On 2/20/07, Nancy Shia <nancy at upcloseandpolitical.com> wrote:
> Hello Friends,
> Sounds like everyone is okay with Saturday, that's great.  I can't be
> there.  Can we get a biweekly time to meet and keep to it?  For
> outreach for this meeting and future meetings, an announcement on the
> DC Radio Coop, the Community Coalition for Peace and Justice, and on
> the newswire of the DCIMC.  Late afternoon on Saturday works for me
> (usually:()
> Nicole, I'd like to do a tv show, but I've never done one.  Do we get
> to choose our subject?  Would we need to have our own video camera?
> What does it take to do a tv show?  Is it one show, or a weekly?  Is it
> for IMC-beltway?
> See you soon,
> Nancy
> On Feb 20, 2007, at 1:00 PM, nicole nicole wrote:
> > Hey everyone-
> > I know everyone's been really busy and we never had the meeting we
> > discussed having this weekend. Thats ok. I think we should meet soon
> > though and really get the ball rolling on this. For the first
> > meeting i feel pretty strongly that we should meet in a public
> > place. I temporarily reserved a room at the Lamond Riggs Library (a
> > very short walk from the Fort Totten Metro (red/green/yellow line) for
> > this Saturday from 2-4. Of course that can be changed, but if it
> > works, how does everyone feel about meeting this Saturday?
> >
> > Also, yesterday, i put in my application to be a producer for DC
> > public access TV. So after i take a class next week we will have the
> > option of having a TV show. Please note, I put in the aplication as
> > an individual, not on behalf of anyone. If no one wants to do a show,
> > thats fine.
> >
> > What is everyone thinking? If we are going to meet this weekend, we
> > should discuss what we want to accomplish in this meeting and how we
> > are going to do outreach.
> >
> > nicole
> >
> >
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