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    Sorry again, but I'd just like to ask y'all to follow Andrew Veal's story as closely as possible. It really hasn't even "broken" yet, but if it does or even doesn't, I believe it will speak volumes of our society and its relation to the media as it stands today. So please "bookmark" this story (like mentally) and pay particular attention to how the various media outlets decide to handle this story, if at all.

I totally believe this thing is going to blow up. I mean, the NY Times has already published a fairly extensive article on this kid, which is hightly uncharacteristic of large media monoliths. They also seemed to go out of their way to paint this kid a typical American with heavy references to his education, his connection to the "heartland" in Iowa and his dreams to have a somewhat typical career. These are indicators that this story will become something of a touchstone for deeper issues at play in our society right now. This story is already being groomed as a specific indicator of larger issues at hand. I may be wrong, just like in this election. But pay attention to the bloggers and how they will probably try to discredit the powerful emotional appeal that this story carries, because there are many weaknesses to exploit. We shouldn't jump on the bandwagaon either by hoping this kid really did what he did for the reasons we want to believe. The evidence of that is very scant so far. The very sad thing is that we all want to really believe, and sadly I count myself among them, that Veal did kill himself as a protest of Bush's re-election, and that's pretty goddamned pathetic. But goddammit, month after month of  Democratic and leftist and progressive rhetoric couldn't put much of a dent in the neo-con machine and maybe this will help to communicate the honest emotional depth of those who deplore the Bush machine. But under no circumstances should Veal be allowed to be portrayed as some sort of misguided wayward youth by the coprorate media. From what I understand so far, he wasn't anything like that. 

Anyways, like I said, this is a story custom-tailored to see how the media can handle a very tough situation. Please pay attention and don't be hoodwinked by the media machinations which are almost surely gearing up right now to discredidt the very root, pith and marrow of what we believe. 

Again, very sorry, I hope this isn't a waste of time.

All m'crazy love,

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