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Dear Folks,

    Attached is a draft flyer for the 4th of July event discussed at the last Green Party meeting. I will also paste it in below for those of you who have trouble opening RichText documents. I am sending this to Jerry Bradley who may want to do a fancier version. Meanwhile, please check this over and send back any feedback if you have concerns or suggestions about the contents. Hit "Reply All" to save time.

    As for the event itself, I have some questions for y'all.

    1) We have the space reserved, but unfortunately, we will not have access to power for amplification. That means either we get some kind of battery-powered system or we have speakers who must be prepared to project. Any suggestions welcome. It might also be good if we could get a lectern there, for the sake of our presenters.

    2) I suggest the following topic areas:

            A. Reading of Declaration of Independence
            B. Where the Founders stood on freedom and civil liberties

            C. Where the Founders stood on religious tolerance (including separation of church and state)

            D. Reading of the Bill of Rights

            E. Where the Founders stood on war and militarism

            F. Where the Founders stood on corporations, wealth and democracy

    I would envision each section taking roughly 5 - 8 minutes tops, except the Declaration might take a bit longer and the Bill of Rights a bit shorter. We should also have an MC who will do a brief intro, intro each speaker and then say a few words about how the Green Party's values pertain to those of our Founders. 

    We need presenters! I am willing to do one of them and be MC if needed. Paula is willing to do the Declaration of Independence. We can help provide you with relevant materials on each subject, although doing a little of your own research wouldn't hurt. It doesn't have to be fancy; a string of good quotes with just a few words of introduction would work. It would be good to have at least one other woman presenter. If you are interested in doing one of these, please indicate which area of interest you have. I will just do whichever one is left over, since I am comfortable doing any of them.

    And spread the word by e-mail, too! Let's make this a well-attended Green event.

    -- Rich Whitney

This 4th of July, join us for a

Traditional Independence Day Celebration

Let us commemorate the true spirit of 1776 by honoring and remembering the vision of this nation's founders. This event will include a reading of the Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights, and will also feature some other readings of the nation's original patriots, on such subjects as freedom, democracy, civil liberties and religious tolerance. 

When: July 4th, 2005, Noon to 3:00 p.m. Potluck picnic begins at Noon. Presentations begin at 1:30. Informal discussion follows.

Where: Evergreen Park, Pleasant Hill Road, Carbondale, west of Hwy 51, at "Red Oak" Pavilion. 

Sponsored by the Shawnee Green Party


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