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I have spoken to some of you at least briefly about creating a publication of sorts (either newspaper or magazine format).  What its general focus and aesthetic feel might be is up in the air at this point.

I propose at least all those interested in playing an organizing role (more than just writing) get together to accomplish a few initial goals which I will outline below.  Of course, I would encourage all who are interested in any level of involvement join in as well, but it is important that there be a substantial presence of those willing to do footwork on tasks other than writing that are necessary to get this off the ground in a timely fashion.

I would also propose that we meet in the back room at Long Branch because the IMC is being remodeled.

As for meeting times, I'll throw out two possibilities for this weekend: Sunday @ 2:00 or Saturday @ 3:00.  If you plan on attending, please respond and indicate whether one or both times work for you.  I will send out another email later this week with the time that works for everyone.

This is what I can come up with off the top of my head.  It is obviously up for revision, so feel free to suggest additions or subtractions.

:Introduction: (10 min)
    -Names, etc.
    -Brief history of IMC and review of previous print projects

:General Ideas: (30 min)
        -Name, focus, etc.
    -First Issue Specific
        -Stories, etc.

:Resource Assessment Go-Around: (10 min)
    -What skills, knowledge, resources and connections do folks bring to the table? 
    -How can they be applied to accomplishing initial goals or the paper in general?

:Assign Roles/Assignments: (10 min)
    -Printing options/prices
    -Advertising outreach
    *Either of these can be done by individuals or a group of two or three.

:Break: (10 min)
    -Smoke em if ya got em!
    -Main goals are accomplished, so people with a tight schedule may step out at this point.

:More Brainstorming:  (???)
    -If people who must leave are comfortable with the rest of us continuing brainstorming, we will do so at         this time for as long as people deem appropriate.  Any decisions come to at this point will be emailed         to all who were in attendance for approval.

Hope to see a good turnout!

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