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Sun Jul 17 13:48:14 PDT 2005

We of Justice Enforcers in consultation with many others have settled on a 
broad agenda that will make the  juvenile justice system  JUST. It is our 
contention that the system as is cannot deliver right decision on a consistent basis 
and no tinkering around the edges will make it better.

We also met with Mr. Brown of the sociology Society (Himself a Justice 
enforcer associate). We discussed what we knew about the system and the changes that 
MUST be made in it. I made reference to the collaboration seminars between 
the DCFS and all professionals involved with litigation, evaluation and 
placement of our children. This in effect pits a group of people that possibly comes 
to know each other against a stranger. This is more likey than not the Parent 
that may be accused falsely.

Those of you who are trying to sponser legislation , hopfully have seen our 
disposition on this issue. If you haven't, send me an email request at 
bsullivan79 at comcast.net  with the subject line (DSS JUSTICE?), and I would be glad to 
forward it to you. 
OR check it out on the website: http://home.comcast.net/~bsullivan79/ 

Those of you who have voted in your organizations to work with the Justice 
Enforcers to bring forth  a FEDERAL  CASE  in all 50 states and possibly abroad  
at one time, we have further information to get to you. Just be patient, we 
know you want to get moving.

Read carefully and follow the links that Mr. Brown was so kind to post on his 
site. Please follow the suggestions.

We may have found out about this in time to change the implementation of this 
operation that will expand the control of organized crime in the child 
protection, mental health and social work systems. Download and read the following 
details and documentation. I strongly recommend forwarding either the link to 
this ALERT or attaching a copy to e-mail to local news media. Of course forward 
it to everyone you know needs to know. This has great educational value for 


Anyone wanting to donate or help with the absorbedant costs of one of the 
primary cases. The case concerning a brilliant 10 year old girl called Shelby. 
Please do so VIA  PAYPAL. bsullivan79 at comcast.net  The account SHELBY'S HOPE 
will appear. You also become an enforcer of justice associate. Your paypal 
receipt  will be the evidence of your membership. You will be elgible to get every 
secret  we discover about this unjustice, right in your inbox.

Thanks again,
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