[IMC-Boston-Discuss] the office

dave smith davewreckoning at hotmail.com
Wed Jul 20 14:14:00 PDT 2005

I would dispute that having a central location where our biz is situated is 
not working out it .  I come here to check the office e-mail and to take 
adavantage of the resources it offers (internet, printer, regional calling) 
to do the work I do for the IMC, also I am, as far as I know the only one 
fielding messages left on our voice mail.   So yeah, having this resource 
here has become pretty important to my participation in indymedia.  Beyond 
that, we have an awesome resource here IF WE ACTUAL START DOING OUTREACH, we 
have access to 6 computer terminals here, 5 with internet access.  If we do 
start getting more volunteers, having a central location where they can come 
in and do work would be great, also there is everything you need here to 
work on a story if you do not personally have a computer and whatnot.

This office could potentially be the most important resource that we have 
and, a public place where folks can tap in to what we are doing and where we 
have resources on hand so folks can participate.  Sophia's proposal is 
having the ironic effect of making me realize this and I will come to the 
next meeting with a proposal for a plan to maximize the office's use.  
Advertising its availability and actively recruiting vollunteers, coming up 
with tasks that folks could help out with, beefing up the other press 
section + running of the dispatch for example.

We can definately revisit this at the meeting but there is no harm in 
getting the conversation off the ground beforehand.

Also we definately do need a phone.  We are considered a press outfit by 
some folks and get called pretty often.


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