[IMC-Boston-Discuss] General Video Team and SCAT Show WORKING get-together

sharpie at riseup.net sharpie at riseup.net
Tue Jul 19 14:12:45 PDT 2005

So who's up for an all VIDEO get-together to discuss PRODUCING media??

As many of you are aware, we have been producing a show at Somerville
Community Access for more than 2 Months now, but this is hard work! We can
use more volunteers to assist, and more input as well about what other
kinds of work and media producing the video team could be doing.

I'd like to get together with folks and talk about how to better use our
resources to produce media, as well as how to do better work getting
alternative media out to the masses, as well as running trainings to
improve the video skills of those already involved with Indymedia as well
as tutoring others in video production and editing skills.

When are people free? I would love to meet in Somerville at SCAT on one of
the nezt 2 Mondays or Tuesdays, either the 25th or the 26th or the 1st or
2nd of August, between 6 and 9.

please email back ASAP what times work for you, then, by Thursday
evening/Friday morning, I'll write back with a specific date/time and
location for the get together. I'd prefer it to be in a relatively relaxed
atmosphere, maybe at a quiet bar/pub or possibly in the SCAT conference
room or at MIT if we can get a room.

Please keep in mind this meeting is for any individual who wants to WORK
on VIDEO projects. It is not for discussions about how we can better
outreach to the community, it is not for discussing how we can be better
at interpersonal communication within the network, it is not about
finances. It is specifically about what projects we are doing now or would
like to engage in. from there i hope we can discuss what money we need and
outreach and whatnot that needs to happen in order to make sure our goals
are possible.


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