[IMC-Boston-Discuss] BLOCK- Sunday 7/24 7pm- anyone blocking?

Andrewmcleod2000 at aol.com Andrewmcleod2000 at aol.com
Tue Jul 19 17:49:49 PDT 2005

Hola mis amigos:
The fundraiser was a success.  Tim, Dave, Sophia, Rob, Pete,  Dana, Petrina, 
and who else did I miss?  Youa'll should be proud of  this accomplishment.  We 
promoted Indymedia, we brought people together, we  danced, and we made some 
To quote Emma Goldman, "If  I can't dance, I don't want to be a part  of your 
revolution!"  I'm sure she was dancing with us Saturday  night.  
The ultimate purpose and the ultimate result will depend on our collective  
action.  Meetings may represent the ultimate aspect of our collective  action.  
Maybe that's why I'm so anal retentive about meetings.   ('   

>From what I understand about organizing, it is all too common for people to  
have meetings that are unnecessary.  If something can be accomplished  without 
meeting, whether it is phone calls, emails, listservs, conference calls,  or 
another more effective method to discuss things, then why have a  meeting?
I'm confused regarding the purpose of this proposed meeting.  I'm also  
confused regarding the process for deciding whether to have a meeting.  Is  this 
blocking process used often in this or other Indymedias?
Anyway, I'd like to share another perspective regarding meetings.   There are 
three parts to a meeting  1)  preparation  2)   implementation at the meeting 
 3)  follow-up.
A necessary process to initiate a meeting is to propose an  agenda.  The 
agenda will cover all of the aspects such as who, what, where,  when, why, and 
how.  Feedback and consensus from others will result in  participation, 
inclusion, and a collective act.  Implementation of a  successful meeting requires 
people arriving early or on time, figuring out who  is going to facilitate, keep 
the time, and write the minutes.  Follow up  includes specific action items 
with specific timelines, and clarifying who will  do what by when.  Follow up 
also includes sending out the minutes to remind  those who attended what was 
discussed and possibly decided.  The minutes  also inform others on what went on 
even if they didn't attend.   This will hopefully lead to openness and 
If you agree with the above, maybe it makes sense before we have another  
meeting for Mike or someone else present at the last general  meeting to write 
and post the 7/10/05 Boston IMC General Meeting  Minutes.
I've made these mistakes over and over again and would feel remiss if I  
didn't speak up.
Never Surrender,
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