[IMC-Boston-Discuss] special "Fundraising" meeting next week, what time is good?

Sofia JarrinT sofiajt at yahoo.com
Thu Jul 21 06:17:07 PDT 2005

I'm sorry to be a bummer on this, but I really didn't
agree to having a separate meeting.  I think most of
the group should be involved in fundraising issues,
but more than anytyhing talk about what we'll be doing
with the money.

I was quite disappointed that so much of our money
made on Saturday went to the office space (over $200?
Sorry, maybe I didn't quite understand...).  I'm not
really sure why we couldn't use the money we already
had in the bank for the office and use what we made
instead to distribute among working groups or invest
on other things.

Being that said, I think that before having more
fundraisers we need to have a conversation about our
budget and how we plan to use it. Once the group
reaches a healthy agreement, we can go nuts on
fundraisers and I'll be the first one there to promote
and work, work, work.

In solidarity,

--- Pete Stidman <pstidman at yahoo.com> wrote:

> Hey folks,
> Dave, Sofia, George, Rob, Matt and I all talked
> today,
> everyone except dave was at the website meeting.  
> We all agree that having a fundraising meeting would
> be AOK.  On the agenda of this meeting would be
> fundraising, anything related to that is fair game. 
> Sofia would rather we do not discuss Outreach or
> other
> issues however.
> Possible dates 
> Monday 7/25 
> Tuesday 7/26
> Wednesday 7/27
> Thursday 7/28
> Let me know if you really want to go but absolutely
> can't make it on any one of these.  (time would be
> 6:30pm, location: our office in chinatown)
> Proposed agenda:
> -Ideas for next fundraiser- bands, DJ's or speakers?
> -Separate idea that may be very simple to carry off-
> colluding with the Brattle or the Coolidge for a
> director in person with David Redmon and Mardi Gra
> Made in China.  He's from Calle y Medea and he lives
> in NY.  I've already talked with him.  
> -T-shirt ideas.
> -Event listserv
> -Add your idea here, and repost agenda to list in
> toto.
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