[IMC-Boston-Discuss] Off-List and Into the Streets!

Matthew Williams mw21 at mindspring.com
Thu Jul 21 15:33:48 PDT 2005

Related to Sharpie's last point, Pete, Sofia and I keep finding that 
whenever we get into a big argument over e-mail, once we talk about it 
face-to-face, we actually are much more productive at finding some 
solution we can all agree on--and we manage to do it quite civilly and 
amicably. For instance, we managed to resolve our differences over the 
mission statement in a discussion after last night's web-editorial 
meeting. (Pete should be sending out the version we settled on to the 
list, and we can discuss it at the next general meeting. Other people 
are, of course, welcome to suggest further changes--the three of us 
just seem to have the strongest opinions on the dang thing.) Lesson: We 
should really avoid having debates on e-mail lists. If any of us start 
doing it again, please, someone step in and remind us to have a 
face-to-face conversation :) -- Matt

On Jul 21, 2005, at 4:02 PM, sharpie at riseup.net wrote:

> 5. I feel like part of the problem with our inabiity to grow is the
> prevalence of folks who are Academics or have an abundance of time to
> spend on the internet. It's been asked repeatedly why more people don't
> engage in discussions online, well part of it is a lack of access to 
> the
> tools of list-serve production. We can't all afford to sit online and
> write responses to everything the other people who can sit online for 
> long
> periods spits out. This is why decisions should be made at regular 
> general
> meetings that happen more often. Those of us who are spending lots of 
> time
> spewing at emails should perhaps get off the internet, take care of our
> home/personal lives and use the extra time to have face-to-face
> discussions with our peers in this Indymedia Project thing.
> so I leave you as I began,
> Off-List and Into the Streets!
> sharpie
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