[Imc-bristol-tech] no hidden log in or out

Crash crash at subsection.org.uk
Thu Feb 9 10:32:35 UTC 2006

A difficult problem. The difficulty is that there's a script I had to 'roll
back' to an earlier version because it was causing the internet 
explorer bug. I
wasn't aware of this bug, or able to test it properly, because I don't 
have easy
access to a windows machine.

However, this roll back has removed all the recent modifications I made 
to this
script, which permitted hidden articles to be viewed, features to be hidden
from the newswire, etc. One of these modifications caused the IE bug, but
unfortunately the bug wasn't brought to my attention until it had been in
existence for several months, after which time several additional 
to the script causing it had been made.

That's why I appreciate it when bugs are brought to my attention as 
soon as they
are noticed, as you have done here!


Quoting James Venables <james at venables.plus.com>:

> Hi Crash,
> Hidden articles are now currently invisible whether logged in or out.
> It's still possible to hide articles, but once hidden they are beyond
> reach or sight.
> James
> -- James Venables
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