[Imc-cambridge] upcoming film + upcoming barbecue

N.P. Gill npg20 at hermes.cam.ac.uk
Wed Jul 7 07:02:52 PDT 2004

hello you lot,

I was delegated to do two things at monday's meeting:

1. FILM POSTER. This is now residing at:
The relevant files are balata.sdw and balata.doc

If someone could confirm that I've got the date right that would be cool 
(Sun 25 July). If someone (Mika/ Tom?) has information about the other 
films that are likely to be shown that would also be cool. Finally someone 
needs to check with the Locomotive that we can have the venue for that 
date. Once this is all done I shall put the poster on the newswire.

2. BARBECUE. Wow! We're going to have an IndyMedia barbecue! Wicked. We 
were thinking about next Monday - not everyone at the meeting can make it 
so can people email me to say if they can/ can't make it next monday??? 
Thus far I have:
YES: Hamish, Tim, me
NO: Zak, Tom
Depending on numbers it'll happen on monday or we'll change it to another 
day. Also if people have barbecue equipment and can email me then I'd be 
very grateful.

3. Finally, on an undelegated note, here are the details for the screening 

17 Jul 2004 19:45, Cambridge Arts Picturehouse
18 Jul 2004 13:00, Cambridge Arts Picturehouse

09 Jul 2004 16:00, Cambridge Arts Picturehouse
16 Jul 2004 14:00, Cambridge Arts Picturehouse

We might want to circulate that in an events email along with "The Sun 
Doesn't Shine..." & put it on the web. We might also want to go along 
together to THE CORPORATION - although I've got a bad feeling I might be 
away for that week-end :(

pip pip,

"The oppressor is in solidarity with the oppressed... when he 
stops making pious, sentimental and individualistic gestures 
and risks an act of love."			Paulo Freire

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