[imc-canada] Indymedia Political Refugee In Canada Needs Support

kevsmith at canada.com kevsmith at canada.com
Mon Oct 18 16:51:12 PDT 2004

Hi folks:

You may remember Salim (aka "salem") from indymedia
centres at various protests.  Looks like he needs some
solidarity now... message below is from his lawyer.


an american activist, M. Salim McCarron, has been
arrested and detained in the Montreal immigration
facility.  he is attempting to gain protection as a
political refugee and needs some support. 

if you are interested in his case and would like to
learn more, or offer your solidarity, please contact:

Michael "Salim" McCarron
866-857-5291 [leave a msg with a phone # where he can
call you collect]

Ethan Friedman [Salim's lawyer] 

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