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Colorado River Delta Water Users See Red 
By Talli Nauman

Fishing, hunting, birding, boating, tourism, and other longtime
socioeconomic activities in Baja California have gotten the short end
of the stick when it comes to measuring their share of the Colorado
River’s wealth. More often than not, the only water they still receive
is what’s left in the drainage from grain and vegetable fields. 

So, many residents of the Colorado River Delta, at the northern end of
the Gulf of California, are staking their lives on securing greater
allocations of fresh water from the river for their use in downstream
habitat restoration. Their efforts have congealed in the multi-sector
binational Colorado River Delta Project, undertaken by water users,
researchers, and non-governmental organizations several years ago. Now
they are garnering the attention of key civil servants who can
incorporate their ideas into institutional planning. 

Talli Nauman is the Americas Program Associate at the International
Relations Center. Her article was originally published in The Herald
Mexico - El Universal, based in Mexico City, on Dec. 3, 2005, at

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