[Imc-chicago-audio] audio formats

Kelly Pierce kellyjosef at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 13 06:03:33 PST 2005

I am pleased to report that I have learned the Sound forge sound editing 
program well enough to save a file from minidisc into my machine in Sound 
Forge, edit it to the way desired and save it into a number of audio 
formats.  In learning all of this some questions have occurred to me in 
getting a file that could be used on someone's show.

1.  do people want the uncompressed .wav file or an MP3 file?  If an MP3 
file, which bitrate?

2.  do folks want me to normalize the file before I provide it to them or do 
they want to normalize files themselves?  What is typically done for sharing 
audio files with program producers in general?

3.  If curse words which are not suitable for public broadcast are used in 
the original recording, should these be edited out or left in?  If edited 
out, should a tone be inserted or just the offending material be removed 
without a tone?  I have heard both approaches.

4.  Once the file is ready, how should I make it available for folks?  if it 
is a .wav file, the file size creates the practical necessity of 
transferring it by CD and sending it through the postal mail or leaving a CD 
at the radio station.  MP3 files can be transferred online for those with 
high speed connections.  I can send files to people individually but is 
there a place where I can upload files for people to download without me 
needing to send out an announcement and make individual arrangements, which 
could be time consuming in the long run?

I will appreciate guidance from those more experienced in this area. 


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