[Imc-chicago-audio] [CIMC-work] Can anyone record audio of this event?

Kelly Pierce kkellyp at gmail.com
Mon Dec 13 09:42:09 PST 2010

Here are my suggestions on field recording gear that deliver broadcast
quality results on the cheap:

*The Zoom H1 recorder can make .wav recordings.  It’s only $99 and
will give fairly good results for spoken word audio.  At this price,
this recorder is a no brainer for the quality it offers. It’s new,
being available only since this past August.
*An external microphone for the recorder.  I use something similar to
the Audio-Technica AT8004.  It is rather sensitive and produces a warm
sound.  Good microphones cost as much as the H1 recorder but are worth
the price in what they deliver.
*A wind screen for the external microphone.
*A mono cable with a 1/8-inch plug into the recorder and XlR plug on
the other end to connect to the microphone or extension cable. I
purchased this and the microphone along with the windscreen at Bradley
*25 foot of microphone cable.  I purchased this at guitar Center. It
has two XlR plugs on it.
*Assorted audio plugs for connecting to ¼ inch outlets and short audio
cables for these connections.
*A pair of basic headphones to monitor the recording.
*The final piece of gear is a tripod audio stand with easel case.
Many places don’t like folks to connect to their PA systems.
Sometimes their microphone stands can’t support two microphones taped
together.  A stand solves this problem.  The easel case (thanks Chris)
makes lugging this around anywhere, including the bus and train,

I put all this into a camera bag along with extra batteries, scissors,
drywall tape and electrical tape when I go on location to record. This
set up will produce quality results comparable to the mainstream folks
who have gear costing 10 to 20 times as much.


On 12/13/10, David W. Kennedy <dave_k at reasoned.us> wrote:
> Don, I'll let you borrow my Shure SM58.  Do you consider that a decent
> microphone?
> How do you plan to record it?  Would you videotape the panel discussion
> about FBI repression or would you use a portable audio recorder?  Which
> model of camcorder or audio recorder do you have?
> I have a Panasonic PV-DV402D, which is a consumer class camcorder that
> uses mini-DV tapes.
> --
> David W. Kennedy
> Don Goldhamer wrote:
>> If I can get ahold of a decent microphone, I can tape it.
>> --Don
>> P.S.  If in any way POSSIBLE, we m ust get a tape of Helen Thomas'
>> speech at the AAAN event Sunday evening -- it was fantastic.  They
>> videotaped it (poorly -- they had no tripod) but the audio would be
>> good.
>> At 7:43 PM -0600 12/12/10, Mitchell Szczepanczyk wrote:
>>> *See below.  Can anyone record audio of this event?  If so and if
>>> you can get it to me, I can get it on both WLUW and WHPK.  Thanks.
>>> *Wednesday, December 15, 6:30 pm,
>>> with light refreshments available courtesy of the forum co-sponsor,
>>> DePaul University's Peace, Justice,&  Conflict Studies Program.
>>> The Forum program begins at 7 p.m. *
>>> **
>>> *PLACE:  DePaul University, Lincoln Park campus, Room  161 in
>>> the Schmidt Academic Center, 2320 N. Kenmore
>>> For further information, contact the Forum Committee at 773.250.3335
>>> or justice.yes at juno.com<mailto:justice.yes at juno.com>
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