[Imc-chicago-audio] From The Trenches -- time to work on the January episode

Christine Geovanis chrisgeovanis at gmail.com
Sat Jan 9 15:46:02 PST 2010

Just a heads up: I am unfortunately enmeshed in the silly season, which does
not end until the primary on Feb. 2, and am likely completely out of the box
until then. Sorry. Fuck.

Chris Geovanis

On Sat, Jan 9, 2010 at 1:21 PM, Mitchell Szczepanczyk <mitchell at szcz.org>wrote:

> There is, and has been, a mailing list for Chicago Indymedia related audio
> and radio matters (imc-chicago-audio at lists.indymedia.org).  I've added
> Chris' gmail account, along with Andrew's and Amanda's emails to those
> lists.  I think we should use that list to handle logistics of organizing
> the show From The Trenches, much as imc-chicago-video is used for handling
> details of Chicago Independent Television.
> I'm also copying Rita on this email, with a number of questions to ask her
> about From The Trenches:
> * When is it due?
> * How long is the show supposed to be in the end?  (I imagine 59 minutes
> exactly.)
> * Who is our contact at WLUW?  What is their email and/or phone number?
> * I understand that you've submitted shows by posting an MP3 of the show to
> Houston Indymedia and then mailing the link to WLUW.  Is that correct?  If
> not, how exactly do we submit shows to WLUW?
> For the January episode, here's the excerpt from the minutes of the
> December Chicago Indymedia meeting pertinent to the radio show:
>  Radio show: Segments for the January episode were brainstormed, and
> include:
>      * We'll assemble coverage from the recent housing anti-eviction
> struggles.
>      * Protest in Chicago against Obama's Afghanistan escalation
>      * Media Demcracy Day 2009
>      * RNC8: Lessons learned.
>      * Bohanek and Polish workers
> To add in to the mix, I also have two interviews from my own show in the
> past week, with Vancouver Olympics activist Marla Renn and with single-payer
> healthcare advocate Quentin Young.  Both shows are online here:
> http://www.szcz.org/radio
> Time to roll up our sleeves, folks.
> Thanks.
> -- Mitchell
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