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Engr. Timothy Brown info at timbrown.net
Mon Mar 16 15:52:28 PDT 2009

From: Engineer Timothy Brown
Email: timothybrown.1967 at yahoo.com.hk

Attn: My Good Friend

SUBJECT: Inheritance /Lottery/contract Payment

My name is Engineer Timothy Brown; I am a US citizen from Washington DC. I am a next of kin to an inheritance from Nigeria in the year 2007 and up till three months ago, I fought to receive my due inheritance payment without success. I did not know that all these months of my struggle, I was been swindled and mishandled by corrupt government officials claiming to help me actualize my goal not knowing they were only enriching their pockets with my hard earned money that I sent to Nigeria for one reason or the other.

Not until I was directed to the United Nations zonal office in London by a US senator in the US three month ago. He directed me to contact the zonal representative of the United Nations in London and I did contact him for assistance and advice on what to do to receive my due inheritance payment into my bank account.

When you contact him, give him an elaborate detail of your problem e.g. Lottery, Contract or Inheritance even Investment and he is going to advice you on what to do and how to go about it. Find his contact details below and contact him at once, man is God to man, I have realized this fact. Feel free to ask the man any question; he’s going to be your eyes to see for you.

Contact: Ambassador Nelson Clark
UN Zonal Office London
Tel: 44 703 594 2486
E-Mail: uno.rescueteamss at yahoo.com.hk
Lastly, least I forget, the united nations office in London supplied me with your contact details that I should give you the good news that they are doing all within their power to clean the system.

Engineer Timothy Brown 
timothybrown.1967 at yahoo.com.hk

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