[Imc-cleveland] Re: Call for a Meeting! update / hello

andypie andycleimc at earthlink.net
Thu Jan 26 14:22:14 PST 2006

Since  Sunday is bad for you, why don't you propose another weekend 
slot ?

On Jan 25, 2006, at 12:59 AM, p-indy216 at riseup.net wrote:

> hola, aloha, hello -
> yes elle that seems like a great idea.  lots to chat about as always.  
> i
> met someone who just moved to clevo from omaha, she is interested in
> getting involved with c-imc and has already posted her first story on 
> the
> Truth Commission.
> you may have noticed the radio show has been moved for the new spring
> schedule to mondays from 1-2pm. this was not my first or even my third
> choice, but its not that bad. ian will not be able to help out that 
> make
> this season either so i could use any and all help with the show. i was
> seriously considering not renewing the show this semester because i 
> just
> cant seem to dedicate enough time to preparing in order to make it a 
> good
> show. for some reason i dedcided to apply anyway, and here i am. 
> anyway,
> the last show was a disaster, but i wont say anymore.
> so yeah, im up for a meetin, id even be willing to drive down to akron 
> for
> once.  sunday nights are no longer good for me, but most other times 
> are.
> ~p
>> Hello,
>> Hope all is well with each of you.
>> Was hoping we could have a meeing, touch base and
>> evaluate in general our collective, the site etc.
>> Dana, Andy are you up for a trip to cleveland soon?
>> Let us know your schedule.
>> If you are interested in meeting reply to all with
>> current schedule and interest - to reconnect with
>> everyone.
>> :)
>> Elle Ross
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