[Imc-cleveland] Editing Suggestions

jesse abgeschiedene at yahoo.com
Sun Jul 9 09:26:16 PDT 2006

Just took a look at the site, and noticed the features
looked pretty sloppy.  I fixed them up, but here's
some simple tips people may consider when publishing
future features:

1) When you use a photo with your feature, save it to
your computer and upload it to the website.  Don't use
the link from the website you took the picture from,
because then you can't resize it, and if the website
takes the photo down it will disappear from cleveland
imc as well.

2) You can resize your photos using almost any editing
program, such as Microsoft Paint.  Then, upload them
to the site using the "upload" option in admin.

3) Try to rename your .jpg before you upload it.  If
it uses a generic name, such as "photo", it will
overwrite any other pic on the website that also uses
the name "photo".  

Like I said, just some suggestions to make the site
look a little more credible to visitors.  


"In the expansion of the great Western empires, profit and hope of further profit were obviously tremendously important...But there is more than that to imperialism and colonialism.  There was a commitment to them over and above profit, a commitment in constant circulation and recirculation, which, on the one hand, allowed decent men and women to accept the notion that distant territories and their native peoples should be subjugated, and, on the other, replenished metropolitan energies so that these decent people could think of the imperium as a protracted, almost metaphysical obligation to rule sobordinate, inferior, or less advanced peoples."

~Edward Said, 1993

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