[imc-cms] Comments on process and the 3 short listed CMS'

Max zapata at xs4all.nl
Tue Nov 6 11:39:42 PST 2007

Hi Robbt,

You're posing some good questions, let me try to answer them:

> I'm willing to help with the Drupal team. What do I need to do ? Who am 
> I working with ? I'm already in all of the Drupal IMC e-mail lists and I 
> can contact others.
> I guess I just need more clarification on these details.
> The teams has to:
>  * work on an environment they assigment for and investigate it 
>  * collect the pros and cons
>  * perform some customizations (according to indymedia needs)
>  * present it to the rest in 1 month
> Ok, I just read the IRC log for clarification. I'd be willing to help 
> head the Drupal team, but I need specific details. I will try to compile 
> a list of all of the Indymedia's currently using Drupal. I'll post an 
> announcement on the Imc-Drupal-Dev list and the Indymedia group within 
> Drupal.
> What are the specifics of the assignment that I should know ?

First of all, I suggest you should check out which people are willing to
cooperate on the Drupal "team". Some names were mentioned during the irc
meeting, it's an idea to contact these people right away. Also, although
we now have a plan on how to proceed, we're all making it up as we go
along. If you have good ideas on how to perform the "assignment", please
share them, so the other "teams" can use these ideas as well.

> What is the dead-line for comparing it ?

Basically we aim to get some results for the 3 teams by the beginning
of december.

> Are we really going to consider asking people to switch to Drupal, from 
> the meeting it seemed like there was a real desire to redo Indymedia 
> within CakePHP and kind of placate the Drupal people. I don't see anyone 
> who has switched from IndyPlone either since if you have the tech-team 
> to set it up and you are plone people it just works.
> I guess my real question is what is at stake, are independent developers 
> who created codebases from scratch really going to want to get involved 
> in the Drupal project which is much larger and already has it's own 
> process ? Or will people still want to do independent coding and have a 
> custom IMC CMS framework. Or is this just so that we have a code-base 
> that we can easily set-up and recommend for techieless IMC's.

The observation is, that the various indymedia-specific CMSes all
encounter similar problems: We're all overworked, understaffed, lagging
behind in features. The idea is to make a combined effort to establish
a team of dedicated people that can provide for a reliable and durable
CMS solution for IMCs. This does not mean we want to impose anything
on IMCs, just that we want a good group that can provide for IMCs that
so desire.

Personally, I'd like to find an existing CMS and create an indymedia
customization for it. That is, not a fork, but something of a module,
so that indymedia can benefit from the evolution of the CMS. As you have
seen from the IRC log, other people also want to consider writing a
new CMS.

> I really don't see us getting everyone to get on board for just one CMS, 
> but I think that I can show a lot of the potential within Drupal as to 
> why it could be the preferred CMS for groups that are techieless.

It's not necessary to get everyone on board. It's not our ambition to
be the one and only true CMS solution for indymedia. We're all just
tired from all the work we have done, and believe it can be done in a
more efficient and less overwhelming manner. For this to work, there is
a strong desire to join forces on whatever of the possible solutions
comes out on top. But nobody could or would want to forbid IMCs or
developers for going for a different solution.

> I also feel that in addition to trying to get everybody behind a new 
> development project we should be analyzing the existing infrastructure 
> of IMC and map out what codebases individual IMC's are using and how 
> many are active vs. Spammed out.

I, as a Mir coder, know quite well what Mir IMCs there are around, and
what customizations these use. The various SF-active people in this
project similarly know about sf-active IMCs. Checking out what IMCs
are alive is outside of the scope of this project.

> I also would love it for us to develop a point of intersection and 
> communicating and going through process that wasn't only e-mail based. 
> It's just easy for people to lose track of things and get overwhelmed.

A lot of us are active on indymedia's IRC (channel #cms) and, where
geographically possible, meet in person.

> If there are any specifics that are required and the deadline for 
> presenting to the techmeet group let me know.

I would have certain questions on how a specific solution would work
out for us. Like whether it scales, how easy it is to customize and
so on. I think we should continuously compare notes between the teams
while we work so we can all get a good idea of what the pros and cons
of the different solutions are. A good starting point for questions to
find answers to would be the 2 requirement lists on techmeet.org:
http://www.techmeet.org/txt/CMSWhatWeHave and


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