[imc-cms] Media player

yossarian yossarian at aktivix.org
Thu Nov 8 13:32:31 PST 2007

Luis Felipe Strano Moraes wrote:
> Hey,
> just as a reference for when people are searching into the new
> CMS, I saw Fluendo's Cortado being mentioned as an alternative
> to add video support, I'd just like to mention Mediaframe :
> http://mediaframe.org/
> as another alternative. It's in java, and it supports MPEG1 and
> MPEG4 (but the latter is only in beta yet), but it seems like it
> might be useful.
> --lf

Hi Luis, thanks for this - I was just doing up some documentation on
Flash video players when you sent it.  The issues surrounding video
upload, conversion and playback on the server are not super-complicated
but it's worth thinking about spawning new processes to do the
conversion, which I've started to document at
http://escapegoat.org/projects/hyperactive/wiki/FlashVideoPlayers.  The
issues would be basically the same for any non-Flash ogg-based media if
people are interested.

(Note that all our docs will move when we get our new trac install on

Anyway, thanks, and I've added Cortado and MediaFrame for people to
think about,


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