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Simon Shine shreddedglory at gmail.com
Wed Nov 26 06:54:41 PST 2008

There is a minor thing I'd like to change, but can't.

The "Save SF and Denmark" logo and title of the wiki need to be
updated to reflect that we're a general working group. Denmark *was*
saved by yossarian's hyperactive effort (sic), and other IMCs are in
need of help, so "SF and Denmark" as a case study is old-fashioned
from about a year ago.

On Wed, Nov 26, 2008 at 12:20 AM, Occam <indymedia at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> many new people still have a problem to get through all the
> documentation we wrote in the last two years of the imc-cms group. Or
> better, how to distinguish between current up-to-date informations
> and some random old notes.
> It is hard to explain the current state and idea to both developers
> and non-developers. Especially if you want to provide the developers
> with enough informations, so they can decide if they want to join the
> project or not.
> So, there are a couple of things i would like to get together on
> http://cms.indymedia.org
> a) Presentation of the de-central CMS concept. Both for developers
> and non-developers. I really need help at this part. http://
> cms.indymedia.org/wiki/DecentralCMS
> b) Current Tasks - there is still some research to-do, open questions
> about ice, performance tests etc pp. I think these research tasks are
> great ways to get developers involved. We need a list of these tasks
> on the Wiki. So all YOUR open questions go to this list.
> c) Copy all the CMS related Documents from http://techmeet.org to
> http://cms.indymedia.org. Get the stuff more organized and add DATES,
> so people can see how up-to-date the informations are.
> So how exactly do we structure the existing informations?
> I think we can separate between:
> 1. Staring point (what we have, what we need, basics)
> 2. The "existing CMS" research of the last years (Survey Liste,
> Summary, Drupal, Plone details)
> 3. Research and ideas related to malandro, CakePHP, ICE, de-central
> CMS, proof of concept
> Does anyone has some time to help? (BESIDES toya, ryan and me ;)
> Please help us with getting all these informations on
> cms.indymedia.org together.
> If you start working on it, please join #cms on chat.indymedia.org
> and let us know what exactly your doing, so we don't step on each
> others feet.
> Thank you!!
> occam
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