[imc-cms] [Imc-alternatives] Possible site launch target, and defence of Indymedia

Jay jay at fundamentalchange.net
Thu Sep 25 11:04:38 PDT 2008

Strypey (and cc'd to imc-cms about the imc-alternatives site),

At 9/23/2008, you wrote:
>Kia ora koutou
>I was wondering if you were all aware of the new initiative being
>launched by the Zapatistas, as a globalization of their 'Other
>Campaign'? As usual Marcos' prose is moving, and inclusive, and
>substance seems very much in tune with our work on the Alternatives IMC.
>"In Mexico and on the five continents we have found what we intuited
>when we began our sixth step: there is another world, there is another path.
>If the catastrophe that is coming can be avoided and humanity is to have
>another opportunity, it will because these others, below and to the
>left, not only resist, but are already drawing the profile of something
>Something different than what is occurring above."
>The full text of the communique about the 'First Global Festival of
>Dignified Rage' can be found here:
>The proposed dates are December, and January. Is it too ambitious to aim
>to have a working site up in time for a tie-in? After all, "drawing the
>profile" of "another path" is exactly what the Alt-IMC is about!

This would be an amazing thing!  I have no idea if December is 
realistic.  I'm cc'ing this to the imc-cms list.  Imc-CMS, do you 
have a timeline for the rollout of the new-fangled infrastructure?


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