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Jay wrote:
| Maybe this would be an issue best approached in the context of
| imc-europe?  (please forgive me if imc-europe has already made a
| statement and I have missed it.)  I would imagine people around IMCs in
| Europe would have a better idea of the presonalities involved, the
| political nuances and all the issues that don't come across in an
| e-mail.  I don't know how active the imc-europe list is, or if there's
| any kind of way IMCs in Europe could come to some kind of consensus
| about what to do, but I'd certainly feel better if this kind of deep
| disagreement were dealt with on as much of a face-to-face level as
| possible.

personally, i totally agree with this viewpoint - and is something that
i thougth was important during the brisbane affair, that is, that the
local groups try to solve the problem, and then may make their
recommendations to the rest of the network based on their better local

however, within europe, there is still the problem of language. coming
up is 'la deuxième réunion Francophone' - the second meeting of
french-language imcs - at the beginning of may. i had thought that there
was going to be some discussion about the belgian situation and the PoU
- - but this has obviously happened first. it may be worth waiting until
this event has happened for a clearer picture of what is going on.

ref: http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Local/DeuxiemeReunionFrancophone

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