[Imc-communication] Re: [IMC-Process] imc-belgium's answer to imc-liege's disaffiliation request

bruno at indymedia.be bruno at indymedia.be
Fri Apr 15 09:50:07 PDT 2005

sorry if that isn't clear in our answer -- we thought it was ..

to give a clear answer to the question: no, we are not all members of 
the same party. we have students, ngo people, people from unions, 
journalists, people from the environmental and peace movements involved, 
... an early draft of our anwser included a list with people and their 
jobs and political affiliations, in order to show the diversity within 
the .be collective.. after some discussion, we decided it was best not 
include such a list, for privacy reasons..


deva wrote:

> It is difficult to see the big picture from Portland regarding this 
> situation in order for us to respond to the proposal to disaffiliate 
> imc-belgium
> Here the question is asked, is be-imc all or mostly members of the 
> same party. Though many paragraphs are written, no actual clear answer 
> is given.
> regards,
> deva
> On Apr 13, 2005, at 8:23 AM, bruno at indymedia.be wrote:
>> ***********************************
>> Are we all members of the same party
>> **********************************
>> Of course some of us in this network have a history of activism behind
>> them, not all of us are in their early twenties. In imc-ovl for 
>> instance,
>> somebody used to be a member of the SAP (4th International). The same
>> person acted as a spokesperson for Rage. Someone else from imc-ovl used
>> to be active in the student movement of the PTB. In imc-liege some
>> people have ties with the PC. So what?
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