[Imc-communication] from Philly IMC about easier archive access

Jay idiot at jaysand.com
Wed Aug 10 05:16:54 PDT 2005


The Philadelphia IMC has been paying attention to the recent discussion on 
the imc-communication list about developing a process to enable people to 
have easier access to the indymedia list archives.  We haven't had a formal 
discussion of the proposal itself, but we do want to let everyone know that 
Todd is in fact part of the Philly IMC and has been actively doing media 
work with the IMC in addition to doing his research about independent media.

the PhillyIMC

Hi Folks:


I am writing because recently I asked listwork (the
list responsible for all email lists within indymedia)
to provide me with better access to the archives of
several global lists.  I was surprised that it is not
easy to just download the archives, as is often the
case with public lists.  This greater access would
essentially allow me to download the lists to my own
computer so that I could look at the archives without
having to be online.

In response, JB from listwork asked that I make a
proposal through some discussion on the imc
communication list that would (1)  develop a  process
for this kind of request in the future and (2)
establish some simple criteria as well.

With regard to my request for access, listwork people
would give me a mailbox so that I could do searches of
the archives and download material in a more
accessible manner.  Setting up this mailbox would take
a few hours of work.  Something they are willing to

My hope is that we could outline a simple stream-lined
process that includes some basic criteria for anyone
who might want to access the lists in this way, so
that we can create process that listwork can use in
the future for requests like this.


In terms of background, in the past the archives of
all the lists were fully accessible to everyone,
including the public; however, this changed because in
the old format they were too easily useful for
spambots (i.e. software that collect e-mail addresses
to send spam and viruses to), and they were taking up
too much space. Currently, everything is still open
for public access, but it is difficult to search the
archives and download.  Essentially, you have to be
online and it does not allow you to read, digest or
search without being online.

Draft Proposal

I would like to propose some simple criteria for
people who want to download archives:

(1) They are involved with a local IMC and want to get
caught up with global lists;
(2) They are a new liaison to a particular list and
want to get familiar with what has been going on to
provide some summaries to their local;
(3) They are on the lists in question;
(4) They are involved in Indymedia (local or global)
and are also involved in some kind of research.  Their
research will follow the draft guidelines provided by
the UK collectives (insert link).

I am interested in feedback from people about whether
they think this is adequate.

In terms of a process, I’d suggest that people
make a request to the imc communication list and
explain their interest.  They can be directed to these
criteria which will be on the listwork site for people
who make requests like this in the future.

I am not asking for a formalized process from IMC as
each collective deals with things differently, but I,
and the listwork people would appreciate help in
outlining a process to see if it is possible to get
more access to the archives.

Who I am

I am a member of the Philly collective and I am also
involved in a research project on the global network.
My work is focused on the way the left is forming in
the 21st century, using communication and information
technologies as well as non-centralized networks.  My
work is meant to be a compliment to the network,
helping us think through broad ideas of political
strategy in the digital age in order to plot a way

Being able to thoroughly search the archives of the
lists is indispensable to my research.  I can imagine
that this will also be the case for others.  Making
the lists more accessible is a valuable part of
sharing our history, our processes and our values with
those who are interested and go to the trouble to make
the request.

Thanks for your participation on this.

In solidarity,

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