[Imc-communication] belgium.indymedia.org changes

denis at collectifs.net denis at collectifs.net
Tue Jun 21 12:43:19 PDT 2005

Hi Claudio

Please stops saying insane things and keep up to date.

I do not give a any opinion of "mediator", I refer only to the decisions
taken and to the discussion in progress.

The discussion occurs here
http://docs.indymedia.org/view/Global/GlobalIssues2005Belgium and han of
the collective "belgium" delivered its opinion. I think that its opinion
will be taken into account as well as the opinion of the other local


Claudio wrote:

>Hi Quinten,
>I would like to point out that no one has asked the opinion of our
>collective about the future page. The only thing that seems to be clear
>is the 30 june date.
>Who gave denis and co the right to be a "mediator" - seeing his position
>on this matter - is a very good question.
>Whatever layout you are working on -this can only be agreed on with the
>involvement om imc-belgium!- please make sure that specially /news,
>/images and /uploads get redirected to their equivalents at
>www.indymedia.be. In short that the index.html points to a future static
>page and the rest points to our servers.
>Thanks for your time,
>Quinten Steenhuis wrote:
>>as was indicated in the proposal, Pittsburgh will be hosting the static
>>page. We are working on a redirect that can preserve all of the links to
>>the new indymedia.be page but keep the message that explains the
>>conflict so there is no need for any technical changes on your end.
>>Last I heard, design of the page was being done on the wiki and we have
>>taken it directly from there.
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