[Imc-communication] Re: Clarification about current process on imc-process

gek at linefeed.org gek at linefeed.org
Sat Jun 25 01:02:15 PDT 2005

> It is the same thing when a collective decides about one particular
> member.  Say that a proposal was made to take away someone's key to
> the local indymedia space because at midnight every night that person

Agreed -- we all agree that disaffiliation (or kicking a member out of
the group) ... that in that case, the target IMC cannot block. The
group of people who were awarded what they want by
imc-process-facilitate tried that and failed overwhelmingly.

However, we are not talking about a disaffiliation proposal. We are
talking about a compromise proposal. How can it be a compromise
proposal when one of the parties is banned from disagreeing with the
so-called compromise?

Why, for instance, does imc-process-facilitate count all the
*supporting* statements by IMCs who are targets of the compromise
proposal? Shouldn't they be banned from expressing their collective
opinion on the matter?

I remember when you were having problems with the Houston IMC. There
was a group of dissenters who thought you and others had
illegitimately "taken control" of the IMC. Do you really think it
would be fair if those people -- instead of trolling your meetings --
instead spent all day every day convincing people from far-off places
like Belgium or Germany that you were evil people? How would you react
to a proposal to split up or mess with Houston IMC and you weren't
allowed to do anything about it? 

In that case, it would have been pretty easy for them to kick you out
given the process you are supporting here. All they would have to do
is introduce a proposal which named everyone on "your side," thereby
banning them from opposing the proposal, and that would be the end of

Sorry, there's no way that this process logic can stand up to
examination. I understand there are a lot of people invested in
"solving" this issue but taking shortcuts is not the way to do it.


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