[Imc-communication] Re: belgium: two questions to answer

Claudio imc_claudio at apt-get.be
Tue Jun 28 14:15:08 PDT 2005

clara wrote:
> hi,
> my example was not given as a reason to dissaffiliate indy.be, but only
> reaction to Han's reaction on Ionnek's analysis: on the statement that
> only spam and double postings are hidden.

Hi Clara,

I hope you realize that an indymedia server was seized by the police
with the *pretext* of an "anonymous claim". And by the way, the post was
even hidden as it violated the editorial policy of the concerned imc.

Thank you very much for your standing on autonomous policies. Weird how
your bashing in the wild hits *autonomous* imc's at random.

Claudio, one of imc-belgium

PS: press release imc Bristol seisure:

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