[Imc-communication] Imc West-Vlaanderen supports the dissafiliation of imc belgium

Claudio imc_claudio at apt-get.be
Sat May 7 09:09:18 PDT 2005

On Sat, 2005-05-07 at 10:04 +0200, turlututu wrote:
> Hey, maybe this may help you to understand.
> http://www.google.be/search?hl=fr&q=peter+degand+site%3Apvda.be&btnG=Recherche+Google&meta=
> http://www.google.be/search?hl=fr&q=peter+degand+site%3Aptb.be&btnG=Rechercher&meta=
> http://www.pvda.be/index.php?section=A2AAAABLAA&action=article&obid=23773#content11 
> (the last one)
> It appears again that people from PTB/PVDA (and who are even candidates) 
> are using their role in the Imc network to preseve the Imc they putched...

So in short: people from the WPB party (that's the English name of that
party) can be no part of a collective????

Your sectarism *really* makes me sick. It's also very rude toward the
person you are talking about. You are *blacklisting* people who are part
of what indymedia is about.

Searching for his name at wvl.indymedia.org (
+Degand&display=&year=&month=&day=&medium=&language_id=&category=0&sort=&limit=30 ) gives me a lot of articles and pictures taken by him. He seems to be a active member of the collective (even if the liasion calls the collective dormant).

This *really* makes me angry:
Peter says himself he has been part of a wpb election list. He's not
hiding anything and still you treat him like that!

(English translation:
"Hi, I'm Peter, 28 years old, union militant and active at the movement
"White Anger" [ = wide social protest movement in the health care system
for more jobs and better pay] and also volunteer for www.vredesloop.be,
and lots of other stuff. I often participate in activities from NGO's,
anti-globalism movementes, peace and lots of socio-cultural stuff. I've
been in the past been in a lection list of the Workers Party of

> Nothing more to say.
> turlututu from Imc Liege

Maybe the water is deeper than I thought ...


Claudio <-- imc-be volunteer

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