[Imc-communication] Re: PROPOSAL: Consensus in Belgium (deadline: September 4th, 2005)

Emmanuel Paulus EPaulus at Antwerpen.be
Sun May 8 01:20:44 PDT 2005

bruno at indymedia.be schreef op 7-5-2005 20:26:

> our proposal wasn't meant at all as some kind of chantage/blackmail
> as you put it, Emmanuel.

I'm not intrested in the motivation of IMC be, it can only guess what
they feel and think.
But it is of no importance for me or for Indymedia Antwerpen.
That posting is a chantage, of you would that or not.
When it is not your purpose change it and the block could be removed,
is it what you like it is, the block become a disagreement. That is
the way blocking works.

> it's meant as a first step towards a consensus for the Belgium
> situation.

Then you are to late or even manipulating.
Several others take a lot of steps when you keep refusing to accept
that there could be never a consensus.
The posting is also no step towards a consensus, living sepperated is
no consensus that is staing calm before the marriage (consensus) or
the war(seperation) start.
This is not more than keeping the current situation with all his problems.
It could be keep for a time but not as a forced agreement.

> as I read your reply, it seems you might have misunderstood
> something. you write that "IMC be thinks that cooporation is
> impossible thus it should be seperation".

Maybe you can rewrite so that it said what IMC be thinks. Now it said
that imc be don't will a coperation, no 1 on the list but a peacefull
coesistence no 2 (where IMC be member try to manipulate other IMC like
the the example of LeGand and WVL.)
When nobody accept no 2 no 3 the chantage of accusations to all
opposant is the alternative.

The traditional answer now is that the IMC be members are never been
educated and could not write a right statement or so.
I don't think their is someone who believe that.

> imc-belgium doesn't exclude cooperation, but we think a situation
> where this doesn't (immediately) happen, is also possible. maybe
> imc-antwerpen needs more time than the proposed 4 months to get
> together and talk it through..

It is already discussed months ago.
There is nothing realy different between the Be proposition and the
actual situation.
Indymedia Antwerpen refuse a public war because of the POU, but stay
against all manipulation of IMC be
and take actions like placing complains on the IMC lists.

The global network is wise and old enough to take the decisions as
When there are trouble doing this there is a need to change how it works.
But this could never mean throwing the basic principles away because
whe have no time to act global.


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